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Data Center Facilities

Designed to match the requirements of the most demanding IT environments, our scalable Tier III data center facilities provide both established companies and start-ups with safe and secure room to grow.

Our experienced colocation specialists will work with you to custom-tailor a scalable colocation solution designed to match your unique requirements, accommodate your equipment and prepare you for future growth – all for a fraction of the CAPEX costs of building and maintain your own in-house IT environment.

Scalable Colocation Space

From locking 1/2 cabinets to custom private cage solutions, our experience colocation specialists will custom-tailor a colocation hosting solution to match your unique IT requirements.

High-density Data Center Power

LinkAdvantage’s High-Density infrastructure offers full Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) systems with N+1 redundancy options available in a variety of voltage and amperage configurations designed to match your requirements and budget.

  • Receive up to 20 KW of usable data center power per cabinet (equivalent of four 208V-30A power circuits). Note: the redundant (B side) power circuits are not included in this power calculation.
  • Backup generator systems in place in the event of local utility failure
  • IP-addressable power strips containing ampacity meters viewable at any time on your customer dashboard
  • Power distributed from the UPS through K-rated transformers to local panel distribution panels and branched to computer cabinets
  • System designed to automatically transition to stand-by diesel generator backup whenever an under-voltage or under-voltage condition persists  

N+1 Data Center Cooling

LinkAdvantage’s redundant cooling infrastructure incorporates all design, engineering and operational best practices to ensure optimal cooling efficiency.

  • N+1 design for densities over 175 watts/sq. foot
  • Air-side economization on all air handlers for optimal cooling efficiency
  • Hot-aisle, cold-aisle cooling configurations
  • 36 in. deep cabinets provide better air flow and cable management
  • Blanking panels used in open RU spaces prevent bypass air and hot air recirculation
  • Higher than standard power/heat densities requirements are met with cold and/or hot air containment solutions.
  • Multiple 80-ton chiller water air handlers and piping outside the data center provide fully redundant climate control  

Carrier-neutral Network Facility

LinkAdvantage’s carrier-neutral network lets you connect directly to more than 8 different carriers or leverage a multi-homed blended bandwidth solution to secure the best and most cost-effective network solution.

  • Let carriers compete for your business – bid out services as required to deliver the best and most cost-effective colocation solution
  • Leverage the benefits of network neutrality, with access to more than eight network carriers
  • Multi-homed blended bandwidth solutions include: transit, transport, layer 2 or point-to-point fiber connectivity 

Colocation Cross Connects

Connect to other colocation customers and tap into LinkAdvantage’s outstanding ecosystem of business partners, content providers, networks and service providers – all to make sure you’re leveraging the most highly redundant, highly available data center solutions from the most premier infrastructure providers in the area.


5-layered Physical And Electronic Data Center Security

Each of LinkAdvantage’s Tier III data center facilities offers up to 5 layers of strict security and protocols to protect your mission-critical IT environment, guard against data leakage, monitor equipment and ensure only authorized personnel have access, including:

  • 24x7 internal and external monitoring
  • Closed-circuit video surveillance
  • On-site support and security teams
  • Biometric security and/or military-grade key cards – security clearance and “escalation” protocol for all personnel established by you
  • Alarms and sensor monitoring tied to local fire and police departments


LinkAdvantage submits for annual SOC 2 Type 2, PCI DSS and HIPAA audits to ensure compliance of the highest industry and business demands. Maintaining these certifications guarantee that all of our facility operational procedures, security, controls and processes are operating efficiently and effectively, safeguarding our customer’s assets.

  • LinkAdvantage regularly updates operational procedures to comply with changing requirements
  • SOC 2 type 2 is considered to be the authoritative guidance standard for IT service quality and overall business practices
  • LinkAdvantage strictly engages in rigorous and in-depth PCI DSS compliance audits
  • HIPAA Compliance allows healthcare companies to utilize our secure services

100% Data Center Uptime SLA

Our colocation cabinet and cage solutions are backed by LinkAdvantage’s 100% Uptime Service Level Agreement, covering all key elements and service metrics like power, temperature, network availability and service credits. Note: The SLA Agreement relates to the use of products and services offered by LinkAdvantage. Uptime commitments shall not apply during the initial two weeks after each installation or material alteration.

If LinkAdvantage fails to meet the relevant uptime commitments set forth, you may request a credit and upon verification, we will credit your account as outlined in your SLA. You may request a copy of our 100% Data Center Uptime SLA at any time.

100% Uptime Power Commitment

Subject to certain conditions, the AC power to your space shall be available not less than 100% of the time.

  • When ordering A+B power, LinkAdvantage provisions pairs of power circuits to supply your space with a primary power circuit (A-side) and a redundant power circuit (B-side).
  • Redundant power does not allow for additional usable power over the contracted primary power circuit.

100% Uptime Temperature Commitment

Subject to certain conditions, LinkAdvantage will maintain over a 24-hour period, an average ambient room temperature at the premises of 72-74 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • LinkAdvantage provides on-premise temperature control using computer room air-conditioning (CRAC), measured by installed and operated sensors.

100% Uptime Network Availability

Subject to certain conditions, LinkAdvantager will provide 100% Network Availability.

  • 100% Uptime Commitment is for contracts that include bandwidth services


Colo vs. Cloud:
Colo Wins on 4 out of 5 Key Criteria

  • Reliability
  • Security
  • Savings
  • Support